Dr Emma Hormoz

Specialised Counselling Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist



Wood Green & Alexandra Palace, 698 Lordship Lane, London, N22 5JN

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What does therapy involve?

Therapy will start with an initial consultation to allow you and your therapist a chance to meet. This will also offer a space to discuss what you want to get out of therapy and a chance for you to learn more about how therapy works. As mentioned above, Dr Hormoz works with a range of problem areas, however, sometimes people come to therapy but are unsure exactly why they are struggling or what they need to focus on. This can be discussed during the initial consultation and therapy can be tailored to your needs.


Therapy is offered on a weekly basis and each session lasts 50 minutes. Therapy will offer a space for you to discuss your current difficulties; we will spend time helping you understand the problem and think together about techniques and solutions to help improve your situation. Therapy will be a collaborative process; tailored to your individual needs and goals, and guided by my knowledge and experience.

How long will i need to attend therapy?

The total number of therapy sessions will depend on your current problems and the goals you have for therapy. During therapy you and your therapist will have regular reviews of progress and think together about what you find helpful in therapy and what you want from sessions.

Your therapist will only be available during your scheduled weekly appointment time.Of course there may be times when you feel you need more urgent support, if this is the case, you can contact your GP, call Samaritans on 116 123 or contact NHS on 111. If you feel unsafe or in crisis, visit your local accident and emergency service.

Will therapy be confidential?

Your therapy sessions will be kept confidential. There may be occasions that

it could be helpful to share information with other professionals involved in

your care, if this is the case I will discuss this with you first. In very rare

occasions, I may be required by law to share information but this would only

be to protect your safety or the safety of others. We can discuss this further

at your first appointment to ensure any questions or concerns you have

about this are answered.

Do you accept private insurance?

I am registered with a number of health insurers. Contact me if you want to check whether I can provide therapy under your health insurance.

Who can I contact in a crisis?



What others have said about Dr Hormoz

"Emma has been extremely understanding, caring and supportive and has helped me greatly with my issue. Thank you very much"


"I feel a sense of relief coming to see Emma, this has helped me so much. I feel I am in the right place at this moment in time and very grateful to Emma for all the help, support and advice"


"I was very pleased with the support from my therapist particularly as my mental health condition changed dramatically during the 6 week CBT period"


"I have fully benefitted from having the CBT. Emma is a very good, professional, caring and intuitive therapist"


Tel: 079 xxxx xxxx

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