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What is Better About Online Therapy?

Is online therapy as good as face to face?

Online therapy has been proven to be highly effective and comparable to face to face therapy. This means clients see positive improvements from online therapy.

Online therapy is convenient

You avoid losing the time and money to travel to and from therapy.

If you have mobility issues it can work for you.

You can sit comfortable at home, with your blanket and favourite mug of drink.

Online therapy is flexible

You can do it from anywhere, provided you are in a room alone. If you are running late at work or staying away from home, you don’t have to miss you therapy sessions.

The best choice for you

When choosing a therapist you don’t have to factor location into the choice. This means you can prioritise your preferred type of therapy, a therapist you feel comfortable with and shop around for someone with a good expertise in your problem area.

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